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With this page we would like to share some of the insights and wisdom of our spiritual master, Srila Paramadvaiti Swami, with you. This can help to live a more joyful life in these times of exploitation and misunderstandings.  As such it is impartial to any political or worldly interests an concerns. The emphasis lies on a common sense which will provide a life of spiritual progress for everyone.

If you are interested you can also find out  when and where to meet the swami as he tours around the world. Or to visit the ashrams of the missions he has inspired in the different parts of the world.

You will find questions and answers about various topics, reaching from common live to highly spiritual concerns, in the “Q&A” section. We would also like to invite you to place your questions to Swami Paramadvaiti. You will find the appropriate form in the menu : Ask the Swami.

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Ask The Swami

Your questions will be asked directly to Swami B.A Paramadvaiti. Therefore please allow some time for reply.





Swami B.A Paramadvaiti

As disciples of Srila Guru Maharaj B.A Paramadvaiti Swami we are getting many valuable answers for our daily life from our Spiritual Master. Everyday after the two daily classes he is being asked many questions. His insight in life is always enlivening to the audience.

That is the reason why we made this website, to share the answers of important topics with all who might know our spiritual master or wish to hear his answers to current issues.

If you also like to place a question towards him we will try to do son on your behalf and later publish his answer, or if more personal or not so interesting for others we’ll send you the answer personally. This may take time due to his busy schedule.

Our spiritual master Srila Guru Maharaj was initiated in 1972 in Paris by A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who singlehandedly pioneered the distributions of Vedic wisdom and monotheism according to the Vaisnava tradition in the world. Born in Germany in 1953 our Spiritual Master travels all around the world and teaches in several languages.

Under his guidance many Yoga monasteries have opened their doors in different countries. He tries to serve his spiritual teachers and humanity in a vast area. More then 70 web sites are attending his different services, some of which you may find in our links.

With this site we hope to make our Guru Maharaj more available to the many friends and faithful, who follow the development of his teachings and services. At the same time we wish this page to be a relevant page for any sincere inquierer to get spiritual insight on any topic of interest.

The wit and humor of our Spiritual Master’s answers have relieved many people in this world from their anxieties and showed them a practical path for their life, always pointing towards the principles of Universal love.

We reserve the right to select which questions and answers we publish.

The webmaster attempting to serve you all.

The Human Life

Everybody wants to be happy. So how do we become happy?

The Srimad Bhagavatam (Canto 1, Chapter 2, Vers 10) tell us:   ‘Life ‘s desires should never be directed towards sense gratification. One should desire only a healthy life, or selfpreservation, since a human being is meant for inquiry about the Absolute Truth. Nothing else should be the goal of one ‘s works.

So asking the right questions is essential.  And by following the answers of  authorities in the field of the Absolute Truth, people will learn to love – themselves and others.  And in this way they will be able to transcend this dull world of repeated sense gratification and get to know their real existance.

Love is all you need. With this page we would like to offer you the possibility to ask questions to an authority in the field of Vedic Wisdom and Selfrealization: Srila B.A Paramadvaiti Swami. Who himself  is willing to answer your questions.

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